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Ed Sheeran NEWS

Ed Sheeran hugs his new friend Peaches close in this cute shot from his trip to Liberia last year. The British musician just dropped a brand new video for his song “What Do I Know”, highlighting all of his favorite moments from his trip. “Nothing can prepare you for what you’ll see visiting a place like Monrovia,” Ed shared in a release. “There are so many kids in such desperate situations – but there is also hope.” He adds, “For those who watch my videos for Red Nose Day, I hope that you are moved as much as I was, and contribute to this incredibly important cause. Now, more ever, I believe that together we can save and change millions of children’s lives in the US and around the world.”

'The A Team': Jermain Defoe hangs out with music star and 'great guy' Ed Sheeran as Sunderland striker enjoys break from Premier League action. Sunderland striker Jermain Defoe has been enjoying his break from Premier League action by hanging out with music star Ed Sheeran. David Moyes' struggling side were due to play Arsenal this weekend at the Emirates Stadium but it has been rearranged due to the Gunners' involvement in the semi-finals of the FA Cup. And Defoe has been making the most of his time off at the moment and clearly enjoyed Sheeran's company.

Ed Sheeran confessed he is now stuck with an incorrectly spelled tattoo after his actress pal Saoirse Ronan purposely wrote 'Galway GRILL' instead of 'GIRL.' The 26-year-old singer - who has more than 60 inkings - laughed it off as he claimed it was the sort of thing he would do.
According to The Sun, the Grammy-winning artist made the confession on the first night of the UK part of his Glasgow tour on Sunday.

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